July 27, 2023

We Are Your TimberTech Deck Installer, Ready to Create Your Long-Lasting Gathering Haven

Imagine a warm afternoon, stepping out onto your beautiful TimberTech deck and taking a seat on your plush outdoor couch. You feel the sun gently caressing your skin, and a soft breeze rustles the trees. You feel a peace wash over you that comes from being surrounded by nature.

Your spouse and kids soon come out to join you, bringing a plate of scrumptious snacks and iced tea for you all to share on your freshly installed deck. As you laugh and enjoy time together, you can’t help but feel gratitude for the simple joys of life: being together with the ones you love in the restorative outdoors.

Ready to experience outdoor living at its finest? Reach out to us today to start building your own TimberTech custom deck.

Whenever our team has the opportunity to build and install a deck, we know it’s more than a mere extension of your home. It’s a space to connect, to unwind, and to build deeper bonds with friends and family. And we are committed to ensuring that’s possible for years to come, which is why we strive for excellence with every single build and why we always utilize high-quality materials, such as TimberTech, that will last.

Read on to learn more about the features of a TimberTech deck and why to choose Atlantic Outdoors as your TimberTech deck installer.

An Atlantic Outdoors deck, featuring a gorgeous railing and unique structure that matches the exterior of the home.

Why Install a TimberTech Deck?

TimberTech decks are one of our favorite kinds of decks to install, as they offer an organic look and feel that complements the aesthetic of any home. But the best benefit of installing a TimberTech deck? The durability and ease of maintaining it, which promises years of memory-making to come – without the stress of splinters, stains, fading, and more.

A TimberTech deck provides the authentic, natural look of wood without the difficulty of maintaining it. In this way, you can enjoy effortless outdoor living all year long. A TimberTech deck means less maintenance and more quality time spent with your friends and family.

Here’s how a TimberTech deck provides easy yet upscale outdoor living.

The beauty of Timbertech material creates an elevated oasis right in your backyard.

With rich coloring and a natural appearance, TimberTech provides the aesthetic appeal of wood and will blend in seamlessly with any home. With an elevated look and expert-crafted design, your deck will transform your yard into a luxurious outdoor retreat.

Spend more time making memories — and less time cleaning and maintaining your deck.

TimberTech materials are much easier to keep clean and unblemished than wood, given that they’re designed for low maintenance and resistant to fades and stains. This strong resistance also means you can rinse and clean your deck without fear of discoloration. Spend more time making memories with your favorite people and less time needing to upkeep your deck.

Enjoy barefoot outdoor living and safety for the kids with a splinter-free surface.

Even finished wood decks are a splinter hazard. But with a TimberTech deck, you won’t have to worry about barefoot afternoons or your children getting splinters when they play on your deck. This extra peace of mind is invaluable for any parent with young kids.

Save the trees and embody true stewardship of our land.

Outdoor living enthusiasts, such as the people who choose Atlantic Outdoors, are often the ones who also care about protecting the environment. Made with recycled content, TimberTech decks do not contribute to deforestation. Enjoy the luxury of a beautiful deck without harming the environment.

With a TimberTech deck, you can discover sophisticated outdoor living without the challenges of stressful upkeep.

Ready to create a beautiful outdoor oasis? Get in touch with us today to discuss your custom-built TimberTech deck.

A second-level deck built by Atlantic Outdoors, nestled in the trees and perfect for entertainment.

Create Your Custom-Built TimberTech Deck with Atlantic Outdoors

Whether you look forward to quiet mornings with coffee or hosting friends and family for impromptu gatherings, a deck is the perfect setting for a range of activities. If you’re considering building one, Atlantic Outdoors is here to help. With a dedication to true craftsmanship, a commitment to exemplary service, and a love for the outdoors, we strive to transform your outdoor living space and provide an exceptional experience with us from start to finish.

Here’s a general overview of how it works to build a deck with us:

  1. Daydream about your ideal deck situation: Do you envision comfy seating, twinkling lights, and cozy evenings under the stars? Large gatherings with friends and family, with burgers and vegetables straight from the grill? Or a simple space for dining and relaxing with your family? Do you simply wish to increase the value of your home, or do you plan on making your deck part of your forever home? As you think about your dream deck and how you wish to use it, you’ll be able to determine the specifications of your deck.
  2. Decide on the size and material: Whether you need a large space to fit a grill or smoker and to host big gatherings, or you’d like something a bit smaller for everyday use, we can create the perfect deck for your needs. Our decks come in 12 ft., 16 ft., and 20 ft. lengths, so we can customize the size that’s right for you. We also offer various materials, including TimberTech, so you can choose the material that fits your budget, goals, look, and needs.
  3. Select additional features: Options such as outdoor heating or screened-in porches ensure you can enjoy your deck year-round and in every type of weather. Other features include under-deck storage space, roof-over options, or railings, which are a popular addition for many of our customers.
  4. Build your deck: Once you’ve finalized your dream deck design with us, we’re ready to start building! Atlantic Outdoors takes the time to carefully plan, design, and thoroughly build your perfect deck. Our team prioritizes craftsmanship and attention to detail, so you can ensure a high-quality build from start to finish.
  5. Enjoy your new deck: It’s time for peaceful reading in the outdoors, sharing a glass of wine with your spouse, or enjoying a potluck with your friends and family. Your deck is your very own outdoor haven—a space for laughter, for bonding, and for rejuvenation in the great outdoors.

Interested in designing a made-just-for-you TimberTech deck? Reach out to us today to get started.

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