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Our gazebos will not only bring beauty to your yard but also increase its property value!  Gazebos offer a bit more intimacy than a pavilion, yet provide the same practical shelter.

Why choose Deck Zone to build and install your gazebo?

Deck Zone builds and installs amazing gazebos.  Our gazebos will not only bring beauty to your yard but also increase its property value!  Gazebos offer a bit more intimacy than a pavilion, yet provide the same practical shelter. The structure is naturally inviting. The typical octagonal shape encourages people to gather and talk with one another.  History records gazebos being around since the Egyptians.  As a matter of fact, gazebos were common often during the Colonial era in American gardens or highlighted in a traditional town square.

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Gazebo Designs

Deck Zone often builds and installs gazebos as open structures that offer a relaxation experience similar to a freestanding porch. We have been seeing many designed completely screened in order to provide excellent protection from pesky bugs like mosquitoes and flies.

Gazebos are usually free-standing. Many gazebos include a built-in floor or we can place it on a concrete base. However, the most telling feature of a gazebo is its shape. Most are octagon or oval-shaped, but there are also some rectangular designs.

Gazebos Fit Just About Anywhere

Whether you are planning to have a gazebo in a small corner of your yard or can incorporate the structure into a deck design or other unique setting, chances are our gazebos will fit!  Gazebos are also great for poolside retreats. We see customers choosing smaller versions to create a sense of scale to compare to the pool.  However, large gazebos are a perfect solution for large families or community gatherings.

Gazebos Are Perfect for Entertaining

Have you admired gazebos in public places like town squares or parks? They are naturally inviting and create a perfect communal space. The traditional octagonal shape of gazebos encourages people to gather and socialize with one another.

Deck Zone’ gazebos are perfect for your backyard dining, family game night or just chatting with friends while enjoying the fresh air.

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Installing a Gazebo to Add Value to Your Property

With the real estate industry being what it is, experts often decline to attach a dollar amount to how much backyard structures can add to your property’s value.  Gazebos are unique in style.  Because of this, they often increase your property’s overall appeal.  Since they are not found in every backyard, they are appealing when comparing backyard features to other properties.  Of course, if you have no interest in selling your property, your gazebo will simply be yours to enjoy!

Deck Zone builds and installs gazebos designed just for you!

At Deck Zone, we build and install gazebos to our customers specifications.  Such upgrades include electrical, lighting, fans, and ornate final touches. View our catalog for options, sizes, and more. The more you upgrade your gazebo the more it becomes a true “outdoor room,” and you will likely find your family clamoring to spend time there.

Deck Zone builds and installs stylish gazebos, once scheduled and all designs approved, most construction takes just a few days to complete.

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