February 9, 2022

Plan the perfect deck for your yard and budget!

Atlantic Outdoors, LLC builds and installs many types of outdoor structures, however, one of the most common structures we receive requests for is a deck. Let us help you when you plan the perfect deck for your yard and budget!

Here are some of the top things to consider:

Purpose and Budget:
Essentially, what is the main purpose of building your deck? Sometimes it is a bridge between your home and backyard.  Are you planning on entertaining?  Maybe just a grill for your family to cook outdoors?  Do you want to have it enclosed?  Will stairs be involved?  Do you have privacy?

The answer to a lot of those questions will be a reflection on your budget.  Most decks are very affordable, but some accessories can drive the price up.  It is best to talk with our design team first.

Designing a deck involves many variables, including size and shape, but it really all boils down to a budget and location. Even if your budget allows it, by the rule of thumb, your yard should be twice as large as the deck you are planning. 
Building Codes:
Even if you are all set to go with your plans, it is wise to check for necessary permits or other legal requirements for remodeling or adding to your residence.  Don’t forget to inquire with Home Owners Associations as well.    

The Cherry on top:
Deck accessories are just as important as the deck itself, as they can transform a simple flat space into much more.  Popular ideas include:

  • Railings
  • Lights
  • Planters
  • Built-in seating
  • Partial enclosures
  • Under deck storage

Our Design Team will be happy to work with you to create your dream deck!
Just give us a call and let’s get started!

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