June 23, 2023

Pre-Fab Pool Cabana Kits: 4 Ways They Create the Perfect Poolside Retreat

You walk out your back doors and into the dazzling sun. A light breeze rustles the trees, and birds are chirping as you notice your glistening pool. You take a quick dip—the cool water feels extraordinarily refreshing on such a hot day. Afterward, you retreat into your pool cabana and relax in a shaded spot… while still enjoying the warmth of the day.

Brought to you by the expert craftsman at Atlantic Outdoors, our pre-fab pool cabana kits elevate the look and feel of your poolside space while creating a luxurious retreat for the whole family to enjoy.

If you’re wondering how to complete your poolside area, a pre-fab pool cabana is the perfect choice. Here are our top 4 reasons why.

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Pre-fab pool cabana kits can make this beautiful daydream a reality.

1. Enjoy shade from the glistening sun (and protection from the elements)

A pre-fab pool cabana creates a stunning shaded oasis for your family and friends to spend meaningful time outdoors together. Instead of sitting in the sun, you can retreat into a beautiful structure while still feeling the breeze. You may even opt for curtains or wall panels to protect from extra wind or rain and enjoy your cabana no matter the weather.

In addition to being a shaded spot for your family and your guests, a pre-fab pool cabana protects your outdoor furniture. While most outdoor furniture is exposed to the sun or is subject to being dried out, a cabana provides extra protection to keep your chairs, tables, or couch in top condition and extend their longevity. 

2. Enhance your outdoor entertainment experience 

With a poolside cabana, you’ll bring your entertainment up a notch. Your backyard gatherings don’t just have to be pool parties anymore—they can be everything from Super Bowl parties to elegant barbeques. 

Instead of solely hanging out in the pool or in nearby chairs, you can turn on the game with a TV perfectly placed in your pool cabana, grab an ice-cold drink from the mini fridge as you watch, grill on the barbecue, and simply make more unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

A cabana x creates the dedicated space and structural ability to add in various entertainment options that otherwise would be confined to inside the home, such as a flatscreen TV. Without a cabana x, these amenities also wouldn’t have a unified space to live and would leave you with an uncoordinated entertainment experience.

By selecting a pre-fab pool cabana kit, you’ll seamlessly broaden your poolside hangout experience.

3. Create a multi-purpose outdoor retreat for your whole family

Since cabanas can host a wide range of activities, you’ll not just add more livable, usable space to your home… but you’ll be able to spend more time surrounded by nature. 

You can transform your cabana’s purpose by the season, by the day, or even by the hour. From morning yoga to afternoons playing with the kids, your cabana is a blank canvas for creating unique outdoor memories year-round. Simply put, more outdoor living is possible with the space created by a cabana. No matter what activities you and your family enjoy in your cabana, it will always be a lovely dwelling place to recharge outside. 

With the ability to add on adjustable additions such as curtains, you can create both open-air concepts or more private retreats. Your pre-fab pool cabana kit is customizable to your needs and is multifunctional for a wide variety of outdoor pastimes. 

4. Elevate the look and feel of your poolside design

You don’t have to board a plane and fly to a resort in order to experience luxury maybe once a year. With a pre-fab pool cabana kit, you can create a beautiful outdoor oasis right in your backyard to relax with the ones you love the most—every day. 

Each pre-fab pool cabana kit can be personalized for your preferences, and you can choose the specific finish that will match your decor, from woodsy and rustic to pristine and light in color. No matter what finish and style you choose, each cabana complements the nature of your yard perfectly. 

With a poolside cabana from Atlantic Outdoors, your structure won’t just be beautiful—it will be built to last. Our team applies decades of craftsman experience to design the highest quality outdoor structures, ensuring that you can enjoy making memories in your stunning outdoor space for years to come. 

Create your ideal poolside oasis with a pre-fab pool cabana kit from Atlantic Outdoors

At Atlantic Outdoors, we believe in the restorative qualities of nature. We believe being outdoors is a way to build deeper bonds with our loved ones and to truly be able to recharge. Like all of our outdoor structures, we’ve designed our cabanas to help you spend more time doing just that. 

With a pre-fab pool cabana kit, you can get your cabana delivered right to you—and start enjoying your craftsmen-designed retreat faster. Get started today.

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