July 27, 2023

Why Add a Pergola on Your Rooftop Deck

There’s nothing quite like seeing the expanse of land from a rooftop deck view. It’s a beautiful perspective we usually don’t see in the day-to-day hustle and bustle.

But when you do get to enjoy time on your rooftop deck, the experience is always refreshing. As you peer over sprawling fields, city streets, or woodland groves from way up high, it creates a sense of wonder and gratitude for the great outdoors… making rooftop decks a perfect setting for relishing time with family and friends.

However, during sunny moments or rainy afternoons, hanging out on your rooftop might not be your go-to choice—unless you have a structure to shelter you from the elements, such as a rooftop pergola.

Atlantic Outdoors offers craftsman-designed rooftop deck pergolas that help create a secluded, protected, and elevated space for hangouts, quiet time, and more. Read on to see our favorite perks of including a pergola on your roof.

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How a Pergola Will Transform Your Rooftop Deck Design

Still deciding whether or not to go for a pergola? See our top 4 reasons for including a pergola on your roof.

1. Pergolas Create a Space for Purposeful Rooftop Outdoor Living

Picture your closest friends gathered together on your rooftop deck. Some are deep in conversation over tasty grilled burgers and steaks, seated comfortably around a round table. Your kids are playing with their favorite toys on a mat nearby, as you and several friends sit beneath your pergola on a plush outdoor couch, with ice-cold drinks waiting for you on your end tables.

Adding a pergola to your rooftop deck helps create different zones on your rooftop for lounging, dining, and entertaining. But the open-concept structure of a pergola still means there’s a unified sense of togetherness, even during large parties and celebrations.

No matter how you wish to use your rooftop on a given day, pergolas help enhance the moment. Whether you want to foster more intimate family moments or provide more options during larger gatherings, adding a pergola on the roof is one of the best ways to create a versatile outdoor space.

2. Enjoy Your Rooftop View During All Weather Conditions

For city dwellers, suburban livers, and country folks alike, seeing your surroundings from your rooftop deck is always breathtaking. While a rooftop is one of the most coveted hang-out spaces, the additional exposure of being on the roof means it’s not always the most comfortable place to relax.

Including an outdoor structure such as a pergola, gazebo, or pavilion means more protection from the sun, wind, and even rain. With options to add on coverings or side curtains, you can adjust your pergola depending on the weather.

Imagine sipping tea while the rain gently pitter-patters. Or picture you and your kids enjoying cold popsicles on a hot day in the shade beneath your pergola, with just the right amount of sun peeking in. With a pergola on your rooftop, you can make more use of your beautiful outdoor space by remaining protected from various outdoor conditions.

3. Foster a More Intimate, Private Space

While a rooftop deck offers gorgeous panoramic views, it may not always provide adequate privacy depending on where your home is located. Outdoor structures such as pergolas, gazebos, and pavilions help create more seclusion on the rooftop.

By including adjustable curtains or drapes to your rooftop pergola, you can create an intimate oasis in just seconds. So whether you want to have a private conversation or prayerful moment with your spouse, pergolas give you the option of creating a cozier, intimate retreat.

4. Complete Your Rooftop Design with a Personalized Pergola

Beyond their functionality, rooftop pergolas also add a gorgeous design element, transforming an ordinary rooftop into an upscale retreat. With various materials and design choices available, you can choose the pergola that blends seamlessly with your outdoor decor or home design.

Plus, with a structure added onto your rooftop, you open up your possibilities for additional design and mood elements, such as string lights and draping canopy curtains.

With a pergola on your rooftop deck, you have more opportunities for creating a multipurpose outdoor space that’s both beautiful and conducive to making unforgettable memories with the ones you love the most.

As outdoor living enthusiasts, finding more ways to help you enjoy the great outdoors is our mission. We believe that reliable outdoor structures help create the comfort necessary for you and your loved ones to spend more quality time relaxing and recharging outdoors. Work with us to create your dream outdoor living space today.

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