November 7, 2023

Custom Deck Design Ideas to Cut Costs and Stress

A nice-looking deck adds more comfort and space to a home, as it creates a perfect area for relaxation; it’s outside, but still very much adjacent to the living structure. When it comes to designing your deck, there are so many things you can do, and the vastness of choice is what makes the process both exciting and stressful, especially when you have to mind the budget. In this article, we’ll go through custom deck ideas that will cut the costs of building or renovating one without compromising on the quality and aesthetic.

Custom Deck Design Ideas

Here are some of the best deck design ideas that look nice but won’t break the bank:

Design Simple

If you’re looking to cut down on costs, it’s best to design a simple, ground-level, small deck. Complex shapes and multi-level decks will only increase the cost of your deck build. However, you should pre-plan all the features, like any built-in seating area, potted plants, and other greenery. This saves money on costly outdoor furniture and construction costs associated with raised decks or rooftop decks. 

Choose Cost-Effective Materials

Choosing cost-effective deck materials is also important. Pressure-treated wood decking is typically the most affordable material, but it can’t really compete with low-maintenance composite decking materials, especially in the long run. 

Do It Yourself

Cutting down on costs might imply having to DIY your outdoor deck, but only if you have the skills. Some companies offer pre-cut decking kits, which allow customers to make their own deck space. This is particularly interesting if you’ve got the skills, as you can aesthetically pair your deck build with the landscape design of your backyard oasis. 

Minimize on Extras

Extras, such as railings, pergolas, privacy screens, and hot tubs, all drain the funds, so make sure to minimize extras. Instead of going for the fancy aluminum deck railings or glass panel fences, choose wooden rails, which would pair nicely with your wood deck area. In addition, be sure to limit the lighting. While lighting adds to the ambiance, it also adds to the cost. Instead of going for discreet ambient lighting, you might want to go with typical outdoor lighting; solar is a good option. 

Take Your Time 

This is really important, especially if you don’t want to save on extras such as a fire pit, a fancy coffee table, or other improvements to your outdoor living space. Instead, consider building your lounging backyard deck in phases. This would allow you to spread the project out without stressing the budget and yourself.  Building a deck is still a major home improvement project, so don’t rush, and take your time to minimize mistakes. 

Consider Professional Help and Financing Options

Home improvement projects in your outdoor area aren’t a small task, both in terms of skills and finances. Unless you’re technically savvy, we recommend finding adequate financing options and hiring professional help. 

Get to Know Our Decking Options

Atlantic Outdoors is a leading deck builder and installer offering affordable and reliable service to homeowners. On top of providing exceptional service when it comes to building your backyard deck, Atlantic Outdoors also offers financing options for its customers, bringing you closer to your dreams of backyard relaxation. If you’re looking for a custom deck without any budget constraints, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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