May 11, 2023

DIY Gazebo

Whether you’ve had an urge to spend more time in nature or you’re ready to complete your landscape design, DIY gazebos can transform your yard into an outdoor oasis.

Imagine having a comfortable place to spend relaxing afternoons with your children in the fresh air. Or a space to escape and enjoy quiet, prayerful time with your spouse at dusk. With extra space for bonding, relaxing, and creating memories with family and friends, a DIY gazebo truly elevates your home.

And what’s more? You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you built such a beautiful creation with your own hands—a creation that will encourage years of joy and relaxation. (But remember, you can always have our team at Atlantic Outdoors assemble your DIY gazebo for you, if you wish!)

Ready to build an outdoor destination on your own property? See our brand new eCommerce site and find your perfect DIY gazebo today.

With a range of designs and styles available, you can choose the gazebo that matches your outdoor space. Gazebos don’t disrupt the beauty of a natural landscape. Instead, they enhance it and invite you to spend more time outside relaxing and enjoying fellowship with the people you love. Embrace outdoor living year-round with a DIY gazebo.

What exactly IS outdoor living?

To us, it’s the understanding that everyday life should take place not just within your home… but in the great outdoors as well. However, outdoor living doesn’t simply mean packing up the car and driving to a state park for hiking, camping, or fishing. It means being able to step outside your very own home with your family and enjoy the nature that surrounds you.

At Atlantic Outdoors, outdoor living is our way of life. Our mission is to encourage you to spend more time relishing in nature. Being outside helps us all to be present, to engage in meaningful conversation together, or to simply unwind in the gentle breeze.

With a DIY gazebo, you and your loved ones can spend more time outdoors throughout the entire year. You’ll have a shaded place to hang out during sunny summer cookouts and a place to get cozy in the cooler months (you can even get a heater or electric fire pit for extra warmth). You can also include screens in your gazebo to keep out bugs and rain.

One of the most convenient parts of a DIY gazebo is that you can install it on your own time. So if you’re eager to have an outdoor sanctuary as soon as possible, you won’t need to wait for contractors to be available or have to manage them, which often prolongs the process.

Simply pick out your dream gazebo, have it delivered directly to you, assemble it, and start to enjoy outdoor living, no matter the season.

Enjoy a cup of tea with your close friends or a romantic glass of wine with your spouse. Your gazebo is a multi-use outdoor oasis for all to experience and enjoy.

Building a DIY gazebo means creating a peaceful outdoor destination in your own yard, with your own hands.

At Atlantic Outdoors, our inspiration comes from the divine, restorative qualities of nature. We’re grateful for the way in which nature helps each one of us relax, breathe deeper, and be present with one another. Our passion is enabling you and your family to spend more time enjoying the refreshing ability of nature. By providing craftsman-designed spaces, such as our DIY gazebos, our hope is that your family can be rejuvenated by outdoor living for years to come.

Not only will you be able to relax in the restorative outdoors, but you’ll gain a major sense of accomplishment once you finish assembling your DIY gazebo. You’ll always know that you built something beautiful for your family and friends—a space to create memories and restore your spirit, time and again. (Not handy? No problem! Our team is happy to install it too.)

As always, all of our outdoor living structures are designed by our team who bring years of professional craftsman experience. Your gazebo will be constructed with the finest materials to ensure a durable and stunning structure. And we’ll even be here to maintain it for you down the line with our done-for-you maintenance plan.

Ready to build your own DIY gazebo? Our new eCommerce site makes it easier than ever to find a gazebo that’s right for you. View all of our DIY gazebos here.

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