June 11, 2022

Building the Perfect Deck

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If you are considering building the perfect deck to your yard, you should think about how you plan to use it.

What Will Your Deck Be Used For?

Will you use it every week for outdoor grilling, or are you more likely to use it on the Fourth of July and maybe on Labor Day? Are you going to host outdoor parties? Are you going to grill and eat dinner in your new space or are you going to use it for early morning coffee? By thinking about your plans for a deck, we can create the perfect design for you.

What About Shade?

Shade is a funny thing. Of course, it is nice to have when on warm sunny days but also keep in mind that the proper shading will protect your deck from long-term fading.

Consider what side of the house you are building on. Is it possible to build your deck in an area where the home provides shade? You may also want to position the deck so it is built under or near trees. Of course, you could always build a canopy or pergola to provide comfort, sun protection, and a touch of classic style.

Plan for a Great View

We’ll help you create a deck that gives you a tranquil view. Whether it be the sunset or the sunrise, if we can we’ll try to build your deck to create a space where the best possible view is exposed.

Link the Yard and the Deck

Use your deck as a transitional space. Use your deck as a bridge with your yard. This is a great way to enhance the visual appeal of the entire home exterior. Rather than stepping straight from deck to grass, we can add some stone pavers or brick material to provide a smooth, stylish transition.  

Use the Existing Home as Inspiration

Your deck doesn’t have to look exactly like your home. However, a deck built that complements the home’s siding or outdoor theme will go a long way. While the deck is a separate outdoor area, it should also look like an extension of the home.

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